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After distillation, Bathtub Gin is cold infused with orange peel and five other carefully selected fresh botanicals over seven days. We taste test this regularly by hand to ensure that distinct Bathtub flavour we’re proud of.

Every bottle is handwrapped, strung and dipped in Tonbridge, Kent - and we've been doing this since day dot. Sure, this means that every bottle is a little bit different, but that's what makes each bottle so special.

Yes, it takes longer and has to be made in smaller batches but we know this creates the best tasting, best looking gin out there. But don't just take our word for it, we've won over 40 industry awards including gold at the World Gin Awards 2019, 2020 and 2022!

Treated to this as a gift - it’s lovely. I like that the top is sealed and corked- it builds anticipation. It has a mellowness and delicacy that is lacking in some of the over flavoured gins. It won’t be the last bottle I have 😃

Master of Malt customer

Amazing G & T thank you

This was gifted to me. It is now my absolute favourite gin.

Master of Malt customer

Basically delicious! I'm no gin expert but I like my gin quite traditional/original. This was a surprise as it was so full of flavour but kept to its juniper origins too.

Master of Malt customer

Delicious!! Tried with an orange slice like on instagram, going to have to get another bottle before the family comes over this Christmas because this one will be gone!

Master of Malt customer

I still drink other gins, but this is so much better than anything else out there. Way more interesting flavour, and just a lot more going on than what you would get in a distilled gin.

Master of Malt customer